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Even if you’re only planning on operating in your home state, you’ll still have to register for a DOT number if you plan on hauling over 10,000 lbs. A DOT number is a unique number assigned by the United States Department of Transportation to commercial drivers of trucks and other vehicles. There are several things that must happen before you get a DOT number, but if you have all your information ready, we can help obtain one in minutes.

Before you think about filling out a DOT number application  you’ll want to make sure that you have a commercial driver’s license. Many drivers want to begin everything at once without paying attention to the order in which processes must be completed— we won’t let you be that driver!

Next, you’ll need to complete forms that will be turned into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The FMCSA is interested in knowing what vehicles you will be operating (classes) and what your cargo will be (passengers, dangerous materials, oversized loads). 
We have resources that will help you define this quickly and easily.  

The FMCSA will also want to know that you are in good health, and will require that a doctor sign an examination form. This form will communicate that you are mentally and physically stable enough to drive a commercial vehicle. The symptoms of some injuries or diseases, combined with long hours in the driver’s seat of a large load, present a risk to yourself and others— a risk that the FMCSA would like to avoid. 

To mitigate other risk factors, you will also be asked to present proof of insurance, personal as well as vehicular.

Don’t stress about filling out the forms you need and mailing them to the right addresses. Let us take care of the tedious details so you can focus on building the rest of your business. We know how to obtain a dot number for you so you can rest easy and start rolling down the highway!

Also, if you need to make a change to your DOT number, call us! We can help you make the change to your number quickly and painlessly.

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