Contractor Business Services
Committed to getting you on the road!

About Our Company
Contractor Business Services, LLC is a family-owned and operated business in Charlotte, NC. Since opening in 2005,  we’ve helped over 2,000 Owner Operators, providing them with the services and information they need to make their trucking business a success. 

We know the trucking business from the bottom up, so you can be confident that we can answer your questions or help you find the resources you need!
Pete McCole and his dog Tucker
I'm Pete McCole, Owner of Contractor Business Services and I will be personally handling your requests. I have enjoyed living in the beautiful Carolinas for 15 years. I talk to truckers every day, and I know their concerns. Running your own trucking business can be rewarding and lucrative but you have to follow the rules and regulations, which can be intimidating. Even if you are already setup, I have helped a lot of truckers solve some of their permit issues! 

If you have any questions regarding your trucking permit needs, or how to get started in your own business, you can contact me by phone or email. I look forward to working with you!